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Readers Respond: I Hate Minneapolis/St. Paul!

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I guess the one thing that bothers me about M/SP (it doesn't rise to the level of 'hate') is how desperately needy some of the residents are. There seems to be this deep-seated insecurity about being in flyover country, or not getting 'respect'. If I walk around a beautiful lake on Labor Day weekend (there are 5 within 10 minutes of my house, probably 20+ within 1/2 hour), with a gorgeous blue sky overhead, get a 'good morning' from a decent % of the people I meet, and see a fox bounce across the path 50 yards in front of me....I can live with the fact that we're not on the "A" list of world cities. Who cares? Who needs that sort of affirmation to be happy? I tend to see the worst attitudes in the urban areas, and they *seem* to come from people who aren't really from here, or desperate wish they were somewhere else.
—Guest steve

silly people

I am a Minnesota native who has traveled the world as well as lived in other countries and states (currently in Colorado to avoid the obviously terrible winter). The winters are terrible, the hicks are annoying but Minnesota is a great place to live. As another responder said, you'll find ignorant, rude, arrogant, uncultured people wherever you go and to say that those folks congregate in Minnesota is ignorant and arrogant as well. There are positives and negatives to living in Minnesota as there are to any other place in the world. Maybe it just takes a native to really appreciate what Minnesota has to offer. If you don't like the winters or the cities, find a new place to live, we won't miss you.
—Guest native

Reap what you Sow

Holy negative comments. Yeah, Minnesotans can suck. And yeah, the weather, the drivers, and the passive aggressive attitudes suck, but that isn't Minnesota. You say we don't adhere too well to outsiders? Well I can guarantee you if you are a decent person, you will be treated with respect. If you are constantly being ridiculed, people are you off because they don't care what they're saying is offensive, or the umteen other things people have mentioned-- it's probably because you're bringing it on yourself. To answer the original question, the worst part about living in the MSP area is people thinking the MSP area sucks. Do you ride bikes? Do you run? Do you have a dog to play with at the many dog parks? Do you like to walk or have dinner with your wife at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the city? Home is what you make it, and you are making it bad for the rest of us. Move to Texas if you think Minnesotans are arrogant.
—Guest caxe

born and raised in MN

After living in a few large cities for many years, I moved back to my hometown of Minneapolis to be near family. I gave it 10 years there, and finally gave up on that place! You don't have to be from somewhere else to be made to feel like an outsider here, just moving away for any period of time works too. I spent years trying to focus on the positives of living there, but you can only lie to yourself for so long. despite all of my attempts to connect to Minnesota and it's people, I came up empty handed every time. Sadly, a few years ago, I gave up and left Minnesota for good. Within two years I made close friends, and have developed a deep sense of community in a city of 8 million people. I am now surrounded by kind, open minded, diverse & positive people again. The natives here have made me feel at home and are always willing to invite me into their homes and introduce me to their friends. Why is it so hard for Minnesotans to be sincerely welcoming to others? I don't get it
—Guest Sunshine

Fact: MN does suck

MN is a joke. The ones who were born/raised there don't have a clue why outsiders would make such true statements. Those who have experienced the world can laugh at them and move on. Think about it, why in the hell would you live there unless you were brain washed from childhood? I don't think the argumetn is "it's a crap hole to live in". Somehow MN people turned the argument into how it's "great" and I've never experienced someone try to persuade me as much as MN people. Why are you trying so hard? If it's fact you really not need say anything at all because it's known.
—Guest Scott

I Hate Minneapolis/St. Paul!

I have to agree that people from MN in general have poor manners and no respect for other people. I've lived in WI for 43 years and my small town is becoming infested with "mudducks!" I say infested because the more that move in the worse this town gets. They have absolutely no manners!! They act as if they don't have neighbors .. they make noise and prance around with their elitist attitudes and are just rude! I hate MN .. I hate people who were raised there.. I hate the fact they have no respect for others .. you want to be rude go back to MN and be rude .. GET OUT OF MY STATE!!!
—Guest Cheese

MPLS/St Paul

If people who move here do not like the local people of the Twin cities, don't blame the MN born people. Probably more than half the MPLS/ST Paul citizens are from other States". Get away from the twin Cities if you want to know Minnesotans.
—Guest native mn

On hatin'

Good luck "fitting in" if you didn't go to school here. i don't believe that MN peeps are intentionally rude or cliquish, it's just that they haven't been anywhere else. the ironic thing is that they like to behave like they live in a major city i.e. NYC or L.A but lack the smallest inkling to survive there. Seems that there's a 5 year waiting period before you become accepted. i passed my 5 year mark and suddenly i was "in". Too bad, you can all shove it along with your Midwest quaintness... hope you receive the same sh**** treatment as you give out if you ever leave MN
—Guest tman

No having it both ways

You might like MSP but it is not gonna like you. Being "from away" is a serious thing here. You're not gonna find your niche with these folks - only with other people from away. If you're an urban burnout like I am who can't take the crap but need the culture, you need to know that there is no happy place on this earth for you.
—Guest pulltab


I hate the holier than you attitude in Minnesota cities that drives micro-regulation of absolutely everything you may or may not do on YOUR property, based on whether any one anonymous neighbor might find it offensive.
—Guest Kay

Minnesota ICE

Just one comment, I haven't seen one person on the street smile or say hi in the last 8 years I've lived here. It feels like people had someone die. Smile for once in a while! You f#*#ing arrogant people!
—Guest matt


If you guys seriously hate bad drivers and narrow streets then you seriosuly need to go to Philidelphia the smell, the look, some of the people(Natives) its just atrocious sometimes in Phili
—Guest Really?

MN not-so-nice and oblivious drivers

Minnesota is actually not-so-nice. In fact I always wondered if that label was serious or tongue-in-cheek. For one, people in Minnesota are not as open to "outsiders" and have a close net of old friends. People in minnesota as passive-agressive. They are not more hostile than anywhere else, but people in Minnesota will smile at you and then stab you in the back to avoid any confrontation. This non-confrontation attitude of course makes matters worse as differences are never aired. The article complains of people "speeding on freeway ramps expecting the traffic to part". I agree with the "expecting traffic to part", but drvers usually create an even more hazerous condition by going to SLOW on on ramps and not paying attention and cause drivers in traffic to slam on their brakes or swerve around them. Minnesota drivers lack of attention and lack consideration for other drivers is worse than the agressive drivers of other areas.
—Guest Mike

Minneapolis Is Home

Yeah, I would like to say to those who badmouth Minneapolis/St. Paul, that that ticks me off greatly. I'm from Minneapolis's south side. I will not sit quietly while anyone badmouths my hometown. So to all the haters out there, (figuratively) put up or shut up.
—Guest Shemp9971

no place is better than the next

All of your experiences are isolated. You will find jackasses, snobs, and arrogant people in every city and state. You will find terrible drivers and all the other things everyone criticizes in every state. People are too whiny now a days. There are millions of worse places to live on this earth. St. Paul/Minneapolis can't be that bad.
—Guest ridiculous

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