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Readers Respond: I Hate Minneapolis/St. Paul!

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Guest El Camino - Being a southern east coaster I agree with this statement: I feel like MN is two years in the past, culturally, musically, and fashionably, trying to catch up with the coastal cities. I attended a church where a women UNDER 30 dressed like HARRIET TUBMAN! I hope I only see that get up in photos pre civil war from now on. As for Guest Adam Olson, perhaps people who complain about the fact that others HATE something, anything should not follow suit and complain about it and do nothing to change it. Just a thought (Fake MN Ice smile) :) Now on to those like myself NOT FROM MN but for whatever reason haven't or can not leave, are there any network groups, places to go and meet others like us? And do you have any suggestions on how to ADAPT (which in my opinion means tolerate this insanity but at the same time remaining true to who YOU are)?
—Guest Miserable in MN

Cultural Elitism

There's a certain hubris embedded in the cultural fabric of my home state. A need to point out that Minnesota is better, unique. An insistence there is only one, white, suburban true form of existence. An aversion to anything slightly different. A propensity toward group think and a nosiness and need to worry about what everyone else is doing.
—Guest Jason Matthews

22 years is too long

I have lived here for most of my adult life. I have never felt comfortable here and I do agree that the people are closed minded cliquey and racist. I moved here for a job with a company that was based here. The bullying that went on in my workplace was relentless. The management wasn't much better as most everyone was born in Minnesota. The passive aggressiveness here probably ranks top in the country. The southern states might be worse but the mentality of the people here is horrible. The drivers are the rudest that I have ever seen.
—Guest Karin

Perhaps it's you

I'm a social worker in map and am having a hard time understanding what everyone is talking about. I make friends easily and am around non white men all day long, if thats what you mean by divesity. I have found people move here exspecting that minnesotans will hug them and thank them for moving here, well guess what? It is still like anywhere where there are lots of people,where it is too overwhelming to notice everyone. I think the folks that move here are often the prblem,not everyone else.
—Guest Ryan

Bad for 30's and single

This place is great for wholesome family living but terrible for 30's and single. Anyone who didn't settle and get married in their 20's moved away. By 28, most if not all get married and if you aren't one of those people you are a morale less outsider. It's also extremely slower paced than most other coastal ciities...but then again, it is middle America and colder than at least 46 other states in the US. Some people are happy there but it def is not for me!!
—Guest Fly by night kind of guy


It's kind of funny reading all these responses. I'm 18 years old and have lived in MN my entire life. All of these people are saying that everyone here is closed minded and cold, when yes, that is PARTIALLY true, but not everyone is like that. I'm a VERY open minded person who is friendly and nice to everyone. I laugh at everyone who says that MN is the "coldest" state in terms of personality, when I've heard that NY is by far the worst. Well, to you wonderful people who think that MN is "cold". Think again.
—Guest Whitney

I'm Miserable

Everyone I know who lives here is miserable. All we talk about is where we can travel to. People would leave unless they are stuck here because if family or finances. If you get a chance, get out while you can!!
—Guest Tracey


MPLS/ST Paul is the worst place any American could ever live and it's not because of the weather!! Something is really wrong with the people here!!! They are ignorant and have no clue about life or culture beyond their state. Get the hell out before u get trapped and live a dark and depressing existence!!! I have never met so many boring judgemental people in my entire life!!! I would live on a farm in Iowa before I would go back to Minneapolis!!! Sooooo sad and pathetic!!!!!
—Guest SAR


The twin cities is the worst place any one could ever live in America!!! The people are terrible. No one let's anyone in and they are nice to the face and talk behind the back...veryyyy judgemental. Most people are from there and have never left, nor do they travel. They think MPLS is a big city compatible to Chicago or New York and they are so wrong!!! It's truly a sad state of affairs and I wouldn't wish that hell hole on anyone!! The only thing they have going for them is that they are too dumb to know there's warmer, sunnier, more diversed life elsewhere!! I pity those poor souls!!
—Guest DDawg


Wow, I feel like I have been living in a different state than all these complainers. As a child I moved around a lot and as and adult I landed in Mpls. I love it here. Mpls has one of the best music scenes in the nation (this is a real fact look it up.) The people here are very diverse and I would say on the whole open minded. Yes of course there are bad people here to, but where aren't there bad people. The only complaint that came up is that people can't seem to make friends. I bet you live in the suburbs, don't you. Do you really think that everyone in this state is just like everyone else, hahahaha, give me a break. I make new friends all the time and I am not even that interesting, in fact I think I am quite boring. Yet I don't find it too hard to talk to others and meet new peeps. How can MN people be so closed minded when we just legalized gay marriage. Since everyone who wrote here says were intolerant and closed minded this one fact seems to nullify their argument. Grow up
—Guest Megan

Away, back, and sad about it.

Although I was born and raised here, my time away ruined me for MN forever. I lived in other cities for over a decade and swore I would never return, but moved back for a guy which was immediately and obviously a big mistake (both guy + move). So now I'm stuck like a wild animal in a trap, desperate to gnaw my way out. Aside from the obvious horrors of the weather, MN is so homogenized, so mainstream, so narrow and clannish; even the "hip" radio station is twangy and tired. Minneapolitans compare themselves to Portland, Seattle, Austin. The thing is, none of them have actually been to those cities. Ever. Heaven forbid you have travelled/lived anywhere else in your life. People here only hang out with their grade school friends from 30 years ago, are mistrustful and fearing of anyone who thinks, looks or acts differently. There's a great show of faux cheer and kindness on the surface, but no real warmth or depth in the people. Landlords here DO NOT RENT to dog owners. : (
—Guest Sera

Most racist State on the Map

Every institution you walk into is 99.5 % white. And if you're black and a professional, the white people will find a way to knock you completely out of the game of life. This by far is the most racist state I have ever lived in and getting worst. I can't wait to get out of this Sodom and Gomorrah.

What I hate about Mpls/St.Paul

The difficulty in making real friends. I have lived here 25 years (no kidding) and being truly close to people is almost impossible. The minute you let your guard down and show your humanity (seen as weakness) you get slammed (passive-aggressively of course). I can handle the weather, but it has been a hard ride, personally speaking. And yes, the state is beautiful, I love nature, and that has kept me here... so far. And, by the way, as a reminder, the first white ethnicity in the State in the past has been German, not Scandinavian, which might account for the work-ethic gone overboard. And it sooths to hear I am not alone in this. Thanks everybody

Good for fishing, bad for business

Minnesota is a tough place to do business. Poor social skills combined with marginal talent/poor motivation makes it difficult. Could be a good place to retire if you are an introvert an like to fish.
—Guest Business Owner

Fruit Bar State

Minnesota seems perpetually concerned about what others think about it. Ironically, no one thinks about Minnesota -- except Minnesotans. This was on painful display when "Perk at Play" filed a report from the London Olympics. So, here he was in London, one of the world's great cities, at an international event. Did he ask people what they thought of London or the Olympics? No. Like a provincial, back-woods hick, he asked people what they knew about Minnesota. People from all over the world and he asks them what they know about Minnesota. The story wasn't about the Olympics or London but what people over there knew about Minnesota. Truly pathetic. This speaks volumes about why Minnesota is such a fruit bar state. Perpetually trying to be cool and hip, suffering from an inferiority complex that compensates for its insecurity by being overbearing and giddy about itself. Unfortunately, many of the locals are the same way.
—Guest Toke-ville

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