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Reader Reviews : Reviews of USI Wireless, Minneapolis' City-Wide Wi-Fi Internet Service

User Rating 2.5 Star Rating (42 Reviews)


USI Wireless, Minneapolis' city-wide wi-fi internet service, was plagued with problems when it launched. Users of USI Wireless have widely varying accounts of how well the service has worked for them. Help other Minneapolis' residents decide whether to sign up for USI Wireless by sharing your experience of the USI Wireless service.

No Good for Streaming Movies or TV

I've tried to support this idea for too many years. I keep hoping it will provide consistent speeds, but it doesn't. Too often you call tech and they tell you the same thing-- move the modem, your ne…More

Unreliable Speed

I signed up for 6mb/s. The service is extremely unreliable. The speeds can fall below 56 kb/s and often do. At off peak times like early morning and late at night the speeds can reach over 6mb/s. The…More

Service has gotten worse over the last two years

USI Wireless offers the absolute worst product available and does not care if it's customers are unhappy. My service has gotten worse over the past two years (and it was terrible to begin with!). Mea…More

Terrible Service

Terrible service. Terrible customer service. Read ANY or ALL of the reviews on Yelp. If you even have basic wireless roaming service you are required to call customer service for cancellation and wri…More

Top Tier Service Not Delivering Speed Promised

Worked okay for awhile. Ordered top tier service with annual payment. Sometimes got 6mps, usually not. Called tech support, they said the modem was too close to the router, moved the modem, pretty f…More

Less Than Half of the Speed Promised

Very poor customer service. Had an ongoing problem with even the basic speed connection. When tried to upgrade to the 6mbps package was never able to reach speeds of even 3mbps. Was told their was in…More

Fees for Fixing Problems Outweigh Savings on Service

I live in a stucco house, so always have problems. I have 2 Ruckus modems, neither of which work. I just found out that unless you use the Ruckus modem, your internet connection is not secure. That m…More

Finally Cancelled Service

This company is absolute crap. I never got any instructions with the original package so had no idea how to hook it up or how to contact them, there was no identification at all!! So I finally got th…More

Speed a Fraction of that Promised

This company suuuuucks! I can never stream anything thanks to this service. I am paying for the high speed internet package, which comes to 43 dollars a month with the receiver. Before writing this r…More

Once Initial Problems Resolved, Very Happy Customer

Some hiccups at the beginning, but I've been very happy with the quality of tech support / service. The resolution to my initial issues was a different modem / antenna mounted on the eaves of my hous…More

Horrible Service

Horrible service It didn't matter how many times I contacted the office about it. I bought their special modem and it barely improved my signal so the only other option was for me to pay them an add…More

Good Service and Economical

Overall, USI wireless works very well for my needs, but it may/may not meet your needs, depending. Here's what I noticed and things that affect my use.1. I live on a corner and the USI wireless hub/t…More

USI is too Slow - Switching to Comcast

It started out OK, but then became very inconsistent with download speeds. Some days would be fine, but others it would slow to a crawl. Lately, it's been barely better than dial up except in the ver…More

Bandwith Issues

Pros: Overpriced for the single fact that you can access it all over Minneapolis. Cons: Terrible customer service, I called once during the spring and they said they didn't expect the foliage, pretty…More

Initial Problems, But Now Happy with Service and Speed

I decided to try USI when it became available at my location since it was less expensive than the alternatives. I monitor the speed of the connection regularly and, as others have mentioned it, speed…More

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