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Reader Reviews : Reviews of USI Wireless, Minneapolis' City-Wide Wi-Fi Internet Service

User Rating 2.5 Star Rating (25 Reviews)


USI Wireless, Minneapolis' city-wide wi-fi internet service, was plagued with problems when it launched. Users of USI Wireless have widely varying accounts of how well the service has worked for them. Help other Minneapolis' residents decide whether to sign up for USI Wireless by sharing your experience of the USI Wireless service.

Not Getting the Speed Promised

Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's incredibly slow. It pings at around 20, but the download speed is anywhere from 512 kps to 5mps. the upload speed is usually much higher than the down load speed. …More

Not as Fast as Promised

Their service sucks. Supposed to be up to 6 mbps...probably have come close to that about 10 percent of the time. Most of the time it is around 3 mbps, with a lot of time around 1 mbps.Really sucks!!…More

Is Stealing Internet better than USI's Service?

If I wasn't stealing internet from a neighbor right now, the service from USI would not be fast enough to write and post this review. You get what you pay for with this company. Cheap internet is SLO…More

Wanted USI Wireless to Work, But Connection is Simply too Slow

The frustration is unbearable. I have used USI since the service was available in my neighborhood. 90% of the time it isn't fast enough to stream netflix or any video. in fact, most of the time, it i…More

USI Signal Appears not to Travel Across Freeways

I have not been impressed with USI. I have to constantly restart the modem and have had 2 tech visits to determine why the the tower just across the freeway wouldn't give us a signal. Sundays seem to…More

Careful Modem Placement Equals Great Service

Great service. Initially I was reluctant to subscribe based on so-so reviews, but I am glad I did.My subscription story is as follows:1) July 2010 - Nov 2011. 1Mb/s Roaming service 2) then decided to…More

Where is my Modem?

I signed up on January 2. I called on January 9 to inquire where my modem was. They hadn't shipped it yet. They sent a note and I received a delivery confirmation that evening. It is now January 13 a…More

Problems with Internet Speed

They provide good service for about three weeks and then start throttling back your speed. I keep calling asking why I only am getting .6 Mb download instead of the 3Mb I'm paying for. They tell me i…More

"USI Wireless is Garbage"

USI Wireless is garbage. Like a fool I've re-subscribed in the hope that their "service" will improve over time, but it only seems to exchange one kind of semi-useless for another. This morning (Satu…More

Downtown Apartment Building Woes

At first it was fine but I have noticed that over time it has gotten slower and slower. Now I can't even use Netflix or even check email reliably. It seems as your contract goes on it gets more and m…More

Wish USI Wireless Would Come to St. Paul

I moved to St. Paul last year. I'm paying $60 to qwest - now centurylink or whatever they renamed themselves - for standalone internet. My USI wireless service in Minneapolis wasn't lightning fast, a…More

A Visitor to Minneapolis' Opinion

IT SUX. i couldnt log into it and it wouldnt let me. i dont think u shld hav to pay for wifi/internet. i would lik it better if u didnt hav 2 pay 4 it. so there i hope u r happy and others dont wanna…More

Happy USI Wireless Customer in Northeast Minneapolis

I signed up for USI for it's affordable price. I am one who only uses one computer, I use it to check accounts & watch netflix that's it. I was thoroughly satisfied with the quality of signal for my …More

Financial Considerations of USI vs. Alternative Providers

We were paying Qwest $35/month for 1.5 mb/sec and service was frequently down and frequently quite slow. Now we pay $24/Month for 6mb/sec. I have tested our download speed frequently and it usually c…More

Unhappy with Roaming Service

Not only was the service awful, but once I canceled my service by jumping through all the hoops required (you must visit their site, call them during business hours, then send them an email with the …More

Why Can't USI Work Better in Downtown Minneapolis?

USI worked great for the first year or so but then everything went completely downhill. I got excuse after excuse as to why my signal strength was down, someone elses' router was interfering, there's…More

The Modem is in the Bathroom, But Pleased With USI So Far

I've had the service for 3 days now with pretty good success. I'm very pleased with modem so far. It claims it's indoor/outdoor and only has the single ethernet cable coming out of it. No power cord…More

Unresolved Technical Problems With USI Wireless

I was satisfied in the beginning three years, but, there have been so many problems getting my emails sent out. I get messages": This message cannot be delivered. ERROR The server "mail.usiwireless.c…More

Cheap but Issues With Connection

Pros:It's cheap.Cons:Prepaid for a year and bought the wireless antenna only to find out USI thinks they are the internet police. You can forget about file sharing, USI Wireless will slow your traffi…More

USI Wireless' Service and Price are Good

I initially subscribed to the 3mbps service and I upgraded about a year ago to the 6mbps speed. When I do speed checks with speakeasy and speedtest.net, I consistently get around 5.77 mbps at all tim…More

Excellent Technical Support

Ups and downs for quality of service (connection speed). Very good now and for the past few weeks. Expect problems with very heavy snow or rain.I rent the modem so if there's an issue with it, USI Wi…More

USI Wireless' Service is Poor, Unreliable

Poor Signal. There are days when I get no signal for more than a few moments. Overall evaluation of the service is that it is extremely Poor.The service is not reliable. The only aspect of their serv…More

Cancelled Today; Went Back to the "Evil" Comcast.

First month I had no major issues, had download speeds consistently hitting between 5.4 and 5.8 mps. Speed decreased dramatically over time, at first I couldn't stream Netflix in HD. Next I had issue…More

No Use For Online Gamers

USI wireless is probably one of the worst internet provider I have ever seen. I was really hoping that a small time company that wasnt Comcast or Qwest could really wow.... I was greatly disappointed…More

Minor Problems with USI, But Worth it for the Money Saved

We signed up for USI wireless as soon as it became available in our area. the service was patchy at first and we occasionally had problems connecting but i guess they were still playing with the new …More

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