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A Guide to Snow Emergencies in Minneapolis and St. Paul


After heavy snow, cars in Minneapolis and St. Paul have to be moved out of the way for snow plows to clear the streets. It's called a "Snow Emergency". A special set of parking rules apply after a large snowfall. Cars that aren't moved in accordance with the rules get towed. Find out how to know if there's a Snow Emergency, and learn the rules for parking in a Snow Emergency in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Snow Emergencies in Minneapolis

Snow Emergency Route Sign in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Clara James
Three days of Snow Emergency parking regulations apply after a Snow Emergency is declared by the city of Minneapolis. And, Minneapolis residents need to know about Winter Parking rules, which may apply before a heavy snowfall is forecast, or at any time when plows need to work.

Snow Emergencies in St. Paul

Night Plow Route Sign in St. Paul, Minnesota
Clara James
Good news for St. Paul residents: Snow Parking regulations are much simpler, and only last 20 hours after the Snow Emergency is declared.

Snow Parking Regulations in Other Cities

Know the Snow Emergency or Winter Parking regulations for the city you park in. Most cities in the suburbs prohibit parking on the street until the streets are cleared after a heavy snowfall, but the specifics varies from city to city. Many cities prohibit parking on the streets overnight during the winter, whether there is snow on the ground or not.

Here's a list of links to Snow Parking regulations for selected cities in the Twin Cities metro area.

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