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Average Temperatures in Minneapolis

Minneapolis' Average Monthly High and Low Temperatures


What is the average temperature in Minneapolis? Here's the average monthly temperatures for Minneapolis, with the average high temperature and average low temperature in Fahrenheit.

January High: 22 Low: 4
February High: 29 Low: 12
March High: 41 Low: 24
April High: 51 Low: 36
May High: 70 Low: 49
June High: 79 Low: 58
July High: 83 Low: 63
August High: 80 Low: 61
September High: 71 Low: 51
October High: 58 Low: 39
November High: 40 Low: 25
December High: 26 Low: 11

As you can see, our winters are very cold, and our summers are very warm.

The temperature averages are from recordings taken from 1971-2000 at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Data from NOAA.

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