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St. Paul's Skyway System


Both downtown St. Paul and Downtown Minneapolis both have a skyway network linking together buildings and attractions.

St. Paul' skyway system links 47 city blocks.

When it's freezing cold, or horribly humid and hot, the skyways are a climate-controlled haven. Yes, people from other cities think we are like hamsters in a exercise run. But it's bliss to leave your coat at the office in winter or not worry about sunburn in the summer.

St. Paul has 5 miles of skyways, one of the largest systems in the world.

Getting into the Skyways

The glass skyway tunnels are obvious. Getting into them can be less so. A couple of buildings have "Skyway Connection" marked on their doors, but most assume you just know the way in.

Actually it's quite easy to get in. Usually, going into any building with tunnels going in and out on the second floor, and the way to the skyway is marked or you'll be able to see the way. If it's rush hour or lunchtime, just follow the crowds!

Navigation in the Skyways

Navigating the skyway system can be tricky. Most look very similar and there's only a few signs, and fewer maps. It's also easy to get disorientated in the skyways, since most office buildings and most tunnels look the same. Add distracting shopping malls and attractions and it's easy to get lost if you are not familiar with the system. A map is an essential piece of equipment.

St. Paul's skyway is slightly easier to navigate than Minneapolis', being smaller and having slightly more skyway maps dotted about the system, and the skyways are color-coded. Copies of the free St. Paul visitor's magazine can be picked up in major buildings and that contains a downtown and skyway map.

When are the Skyways Open?

The skyways are not open 24 hours. The city of St. Paul owns the skyways and sets the opening hours for the skyways.

Most of St. Paul's skyways are open from 6 a.m. until 2 a.m. although some close earlier - anywhere from 7 p.m. to midnight.

Building and Attractions Linked by Skyway

Now you know all about using the skyway. Where are you going to go?

Attractions on St. Paul's Skyway System

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