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Dangerous Areas of St. Paul

St. Paul Crime: Dangerous Areas of St. Paul, Neighborhoods to Avoid


St.Paul, like all large metro areas, has neighborhoods that are more dangerous and with higher crime levels than others. If you want the best chance of avoiding crime, which parts of St.Paul should you stay away from?

The city of St.Paul as a whole has a slightly higher crime rate than the average large US city, ranking around 115th in the approximately 400 large metropolitan areas in the nation.

Most crime in St. Paul happens in certain areas of the city. And many other parts of St.Paul are very quiet, with low crime rates.

According to the St.Paul Police Department, who publish crime maps of the city, one of the neighborhoods with a relatively large amount of lot of crime is the Frogtown Neighborhood. Frogtown is the area surrounding University Avenue just west of downtown St. Paul out to Fairview Avenue, with the highest concentration of crime around Western Avenue, Dale Street and Victoria Avenue.

Westside St. Paul is the other part of St. Paul with higher crime rates. Much of the Westside, one of the poorest parts of St. Paul, experiences higher crime rates. The neighborhood is far from all bad though. The character of this part of town can change markedly in a few blocks, and there are many safe, quiet parts of the Westside.

And elsewhere in town, parts of Westside St. Paul, in particular the areas around Cesar Chavez Street and George Street, have higher crime rates than city's average. And, in the north-central part of the city, along Rice and Western Avenues north of University, crime rates are higher than St. Paul's average.

The Grand Avenue Area, and Downtown St. Paul both have dense populations, as well as nightlife and entertainment districts, so as a result experience somewhat more crime.

But just because the local crime rate is high, it doesn't mean that a neighborhood is all bad. The neighborhoods listed above have good parts and bad parts within them. Westside St. Paul may have some of the highest crime areas, but also safe, quiet areas where families are taking advantage of lower house prices to move into their own home. The Central Corridor light rail, which will run along University Avenue in Frogtown, and other new development in the area, is forecast to improve things in Frogtown, and make the neighborhood more attractive to visit or live in.

And remember that crime can happen anywhere, regardless of the crime rate in a neighborhood, and even in the "safest" neighborhood. Take care, always take basic crime prevention precautions, and stay safe!

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