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Shopping at the Intersection of Selby and Snelling Avenues in St. Paul


The intersection of Selby Avenue and Snelling Avenue in Merriam Park is an interesting and up-and-coming shopping district in St. Paul. Fashionable stores neighbor coffee shops and fitness centers. Spare a lone Starbucks, almost every business is an independent, locally owned store.

Vintage Stores

A trio of vintage stores sell platform shoes, tea dresses, and retro homewares at the Selby-Snelling intersection. Lula Vintage stocks fun vintage clothes, Up Six has more of the same in half of their store, with the other half dedicated to mid-century furniture and decor. Go Vintage has the most upscale vintage of the trio, with designer and higher quality pieces as well as the fun dresses.


I don't shop at 6 Twelve Premium, because they only sell menswear, and because it would be far too cool for me even if I was a guy. 6 Twelve Premium stocks sneakers and denim.

Ladies will not miss out, because Flirt Boutique, purveyors of lingerie and beauty products, are moving from Grand Avenue to a new space on Snelling Avenue, next to Two Smart Cookies. I can't imagine more perfect neighbors.

Food and Drink

Three coffee shops, one Starbucks, two independent: Cosmic Coffee, and Cahoots. Cosmic Coffee is rocking: intergalactic pool, pinball and Peace Coffee, while Cahoots is a laid back, middle eastern inspired place with Turkish rugs on the wall, Turkish coffee as well as lattes on the menu, and a hidden away outdoor patio.

Two Smart Cookies bake an eclectic selection of cookies and bars to satisfy even the most sugar-saturated Minnesota palate.

The Neighborhood Cafe serves no nonsense breakfast and lunch favorites. O'Gara's Bar is a Twin Cities favorite for Irish craic, bar food, drink, and live music.


Patina, the Twin Cities houseware and gift stores, has a location right on the north west corner. Among Patina's wares are retro and vintage-inspired items, but if you are looking for the genuine article, Up Six Vintage carries retro homewares and furniture.

Health And Fitness

The Sweatshop gym is one of the best independent gyms in the Twin Cities, on Snelling Avenue just south of the intersection. As well as the gym, there are two bike shops near the Selby-Snelling intersection: NOW Bikes and Fitness, and Boehm's, which also stocks and repairs hockey goods. A Play It Again Sports franchise on Snelling Avenue on the way to NOW adds to the sporty feel of this corner.
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