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The Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis


Minneapolis has a huge number of coffee shops, many of which are excellent for one reason or another, and the task of categorizing and picking the best is Herculean! So, here is a incomplete list of the best coffee shops in Minneapolis. I'll update as I visit more coffee shops and coffee houses, or perhaps you'd like to recommend your favorite coffee shop in Minneapolis, and perhaps I can add it to this list?

Birchwood Cafe, Seward, Minneapolis

Known for well crafted coffee, and innovative locally-sourced foods. Always well made, but almost always busy. It's worth the wait though.

Birchwood Cafe, 3311 East 25th Street, Minneapolis.

Bob's Java Hut, Uptown Minneapolis

Open early to late, every day of the year. This motorcycle-themed coffee shop serves generous mugs of excellent coffee in Uptown. Also notable for being dog-friendly.

Bob's Java Hut, 2651 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis.

Spyhouse, Nicollet Avenue and Uptown, Minneapolis

Two locations, equally good for sitting outside and people-watching. The coffee is flavorful, sourced from various ethical, gourmet roasters, and considerately brewed.

Spyhouse, 2404 Hennepin Ave South, and 2451 Nicollet Ave South, Minneapolis.

Blue Moon Coffee Cafe, Seward, Minneapolis

Blue Moon on Lake Street in Seward Neighborhood always brew their coffee with care. This coffee shop has a perfect atmosphere for a neighborhood coffee shop - simultaneously light and airy, yet cozy and inviting.

Blue Moon Coffee Cafe, 3822 East Lake Street, Minneapolis.

Isles Bun and Coffee, Uptown Minneapolis

Not for those counting their calories: their cinnamon rolls are simply terrific, and they also set out a bowl full of frosting if you want to add extra to your roll. Their coffee is also excellent, and there is always a couple of different homemade food items too. Isles Bun and Coffee is tiny, with just a few tables, but the lake is just a few steps away so you can always walk over with your coffee and bun if there's nowhere to sit.

Isles Bun and Coffee, 1424 West 28th Street, Minneapolis.

Nokomis Beach Coffee, Nokomis

A charming neighborhood coffee shop, on the shore of Lake Nokomis, ideal for getting a cup of coffee to accompany a walk around the lake. The food and drink is well priced, tasty, and if you decide to enjoy your coffee there, the atmosphere is just what you want in a neighborhood coffee shop, with many comfortable places to sit and relax.

Nokomis Beach Coffee, 4956 28th Avenue South, Minneapolis.

Sovereign Grounds, South Minneapolis

This south Minneapolis coffee shop is a favorite for families with small children - a full half of the store is a play area with lots, and lots, of fun and active toys for toddlers. The coffee is good, the owner could not be more friendly and welcoming, and the baked goods are generous and delicious. Sovereign Grounds is not really the place for a peaceful morning, but it usually calms down in the afternoons and it certainly has a lively, community atmosphere.

Sovereign Grounds, 813 East 48th Street, Minneapolis.

Mayday Cafe, Powderhorn, Minneapolis

Powderhorn Park is associated with the Mayday Parade and other fun, artistic community events, and it's no surprise that the Mayday Cafe is full of the same lively spirit. The coffee is good, the baked goods are home made, the atmosphere is charming and welcoming.

Mayday Cafe, 3440 Bloomington Avenue, Minneapolis.

Mapps Coffee and Tea, West Bank

A popular student hangout on the West Bank, decent prices, good coffee, and look out for student-budget friendly special offers and discounts on their Facebook page.

Mapps Coffee and Tea, 1810 Riverside Avenue, Minneapolis.

Common Roots Cafe, Uptown Minneapolis

Common Roots cafe has made-from-scratch food, lovely espresso-based drinks, a nifty selection of craft beers, making it a solid choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Common Roots Cafe, 2558 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis.

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