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Baby Stores in Minneapolis

Baby Stores in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities


Shopping for a baby in Minneapolis and St. Paul? Here's a list of the best baby stores in Minneapolis and St. Paul and the Twin Cities for baby gear, baby toys, baby clothes, baby supplies and baby gifts.

Baby Grand, St. Paul and Hopkins

If you are charmed by Victorian nurseries, then Baby Grand in St. Paul is the place to go. This Grand Avenue baby store draws inspiration from the nearby 19th century mansions - but Baby Grand also stocks a large selection of modern baby items, designer baby wares, and the latest must-have baby gear.

Baby Grand, 1137 Grand Avenue, St. Paul. You'll also find a second Baby Gran at 1010 Main Street in Hopkins.

Peapods, St. Paul

Eco-friendly baby? Peapods in St. Paul's stock focuses on natural products, organic items, manufacturers who use sustainable material, and re-usable baby products like cloth diapers. Peapods stock a full range of baby gear, furniture, nursery decor, breastfeeding supplies, diapers and toys. Environmentally friendly babies will be right at home at Peapods.

Peapods, 2290 Como Avenue, St. Paul

Pacifier, Minneapolis

Hipster babies will adore Pacifier. Their flagship store in Northeast Minneapolis, and outpost in the skyway system in downtown Minneapolis, are packed with darling baby toys, fabulous outfits, the most fashionable potties, high chairs, cribs and decor.

Pacifier, 310 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, and Skyway Level, 40 South 7th Street, Downtown Minneapolis.

Edelweiss Baby, Maple Grove

Baby gear for preemies through toddlers. Edelwiess Baby specializes in pretty clothes, darling toys, and adorable gifts - they will wrap and even ship baby gifts for you.

Edelweiss Baby, The Fountains at Arbor Lakes, 11626 Fountains Drive North, Maple Grove.

Enchanted Tree House, White Bear Lake and Wayzata

Cute dresses, toys, sleeping, eating, feeding supplies for babies and little kids at two locations, White Bear Lake and Wayzata. Follow the Enchanted Tree House on Twitter or follow on Facebook for special offers.

Enchanted Tree House, 4766 Banning Avenue, White Bear Lake, and 1157 Wayzata Boulevard, Wayzata.

Oscar and Belle, Minneapolis

All organic, natural clothes, and sweatshop free, and adorable to boot. Organic bedding, pacifiers, and skincare too. Available online, and at Oscar and Belle's store in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Oscar and Belle, 2812 West 43rd Street, Minneapolis.

Baby Banou, St. Paul

This Grand Avenue baby boutique carries a selection of designer baby clothes, accessories and gifts for babies and toddlers - if you are shopping for a special occasion, Baby Banou should have you covered.

Baby Banou, 792 Grand Avenue, St. Paul.

Oh Baby!, Edina

Edina, the epicenter for designer babies in the Twin Cities, has a store just for pampered tots. Clad your baby in designer wares, shod them with limited edition shoes, pick out baby gifts from the hand-selected range, and co-ordinate the nursery perfectly with custom bedding at Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!, The Galleria, 3509 W 70TH St, Edina

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