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Sales Tax in St. Paul - What is the Sales Tax in St. Paul?


What is the sales tax in St. Paul? In St. Paul, the sales tax for most items is 7.625%.

The 7.625% sales tax in St. Paul is made up from state, city and special taxes.

Minnesota state sales tax is 6.875%
City of St. Paul sales tax is 0.5%
Transit Improvement Tax is 0.25%

The Transit Improvement tax is collected in Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka, Dakota and Washington County, and is used to pay for improving light rail, commuter rail and express bus services.

Extra Taxes Collected in St. Paul

On top of sales tax, St. Paul also collects entertainment tax, restaurant tax, lodging tax, and tax on liquor sales.

Lodging Tax in St. Paul is collected by hotels with over 50 rooms. St. Paul lodging tax is 3% for hotels with less than 50 rooms, and 6% for hotels with 50 or more rooms.

Liquor Tax is a state-wide 2.5% for all liquor sales, on-site and off-site, from liquor stores, restaurants, bars, at sporting events, and at other venues.

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