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Wild Rumpus: An Independent Children's Bookstore in Minneapolis

The Wild Rumpus

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The Front of the Wild Rumpus Children's Bookstore in Linden Hills

The Front of the Wild Rumpus Children's Bookstore in Linden Hills

Clara James
In a world of identikit chain bookstores, independent store Wild Rumpus is out of this world. Wild Rumpus is a independent children's bookstore in Linden Hills, Minneapolis, and it is as wild as they come.

Why is Wild Rumpus Unique?

In today's world of discount internet bookstores, independent bookstores have been hit hard. The Wild Rumpus children's bookshop in Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis is an exception. The store opened in 1993, making it older than most of the customers, and it is still going strong.

The Wild Rumpus Chicken

The Wild Rumpus Chicken

Clara James

To be a successful independent business, you have to have something to differentiate yourself from the chain stores. They are cheaper. You have to be cooler, or more fun, or more entertaining.

The Wild Rumpus is all three and then some. A comprehensive selection of books for babies to teenagers is just the start. Fanciful woodland decor makes preschoolers belive they really are Where the Wild Things Are.

The store is home to a menagerie of cats, rodents (caged), reptiles (caged) and a fearless free range chicken. Even if you have no children to buy for, this store is worth a visit just to see the unaware do a double take when a chicken runs by them.

Story times are held once a week and are incredibly popular. Arrive early just to have a chance of getting into the store.

This store is designed with children in mind. They know exactly what kids want. The animals are the main draw, and there are thoughtful touches too, like a kid-sized front door. They are mindful of those on a pocket money budget, buying and selling second hand books, all for sale for a dollar.

It's fun, entertaining, it's very popular and truly deserves to be so. Internet shopping has nothing on Wild Rumpus.

Visting Wild Rumpus

Wild Rumpus is in the Linden Hills neighborhood in southwest Minneapolis. The store is in Linden Hills' downtown, on the intersection of West 43rd Street and Uptown Avenue.

The store doesn't have a parking lot, but free on street parking is available outside the store, or within a block or two.

2720 West 43rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Telephone 612-920-5005

A Sign in the Wild Rumpus Bookstore.

A Sign in the Wild Rumpus Bookstore.

Clara James
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Seeing the world through the eye of a child, Member blanche89

No matter what age or gender everyone deserves a happy place. Wild Rumpus is mine. My kids are now 20 and 17 but I never lose the joy when I walk into the store. We spend so much time catering to the older and richer age group that we forget how important it is to make lasting memories for the little ones. That is where Wild Rumpus comes in. It creates a level playing field. You can't help but find that inner child the second you walk in the door. We live in Apple Valley and sitll drive to Linden Hills jsut to take a trip back in time and find our happy place.

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