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Tattoo Safety in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Tattoo Studios in Minneapolis/St. Paul


Tattoo artists in Minneapolis, St. Paul and cities in the metro area are regulated by the city in which they work. The rules vary slightly between the cities, but they all hold tattooists to high safety and hygiene standards, restrict tattooing of minors, generally prohibiting the tattooing of under-18s, and require tattoo studios to collect identifying information before they perform tattoos. Tattoo parlors are must refuse to tattoo anyone who is drunk, or under the influence of drugs.

Minneapolis Tattoo Studio Regulations
St. Paul Tattoo Studio Regulations

In the Twin Cities, the names of a couple of tattoo studios come up over and over again if you compliment someone on their ink, and ask where they had the work done.

Electric Dragonland in Hopkins, Acme Tattoo in St. Paul, The Ink Lab, and Uptown Tattoo, both in Minneapolis, all have good reputations and often feature on local best-of lists.

Saint Sabrina's is another well regarded tattoo studio in Minneapolis, and a place where I have had work done. Here's my review of Saint Sabrina's tattoo studio.

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