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The Mall of America


The Mall of America in Bloomington, south Minneapolis is a shopping paradise with hundreds of stores, from little boutiques to huge department stores. You can spend a few dollars on pocket-money treats, up to thousands on designer handbags.

Love it or loathe it, it's the biggest mall in the nation and it's right here in the Twin Cities. The Mall of America is the biggest tourist attraction in Minnesota and one of the first things out-of-state people think of when they think of Minneapolis. Tourists fly in from all around the country, and from across the world, to shop at MOA.

And lucky us, all we need to do is drive across town, or take the Light Rail to MOA.

As well as all the shops and stores, there's lot's more to do at the Mega Mall.

There's restaurants, cafes, food stands and coffee shops to cater to every taste and budget. You'll never have to leave. Wait a minute - so that's their plan!

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