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Minneapolis Neighborhoods

A guide to neighborhoods in Minneapolis.

Dangerous Areas of Minneapolis
Minneapolis as a whole is not a dangerous city, but like all large metro areas, has neighborhoods that are more dangerous and with higher crime levels than others. If you want the best chance of avoiding crime, which parts of Minneapolis should you stay away from?

Uptown Minneapolis Photo Gallery
Uptown Minneapolis Photo Gallery

Uptown Minneapolis - A Profile of Uptown Minneapolis
Uptown Minneapolis is where fashionable Minneapolis residents live, with a high concentration of stylish homes, stores, bars and restaurants. What is it like to live, work and play in Uptown Minneapolis? Find out with this guide to the Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis.

A Profile of the Longfellow Neighborhood in South Minneapolis
The Longfellow neighborhood is a residential neighborhood in south Minneapolis, bordered by the Mississippi River and the Hiawatha Light Rail line. What's it like to live in, work in, or visit Longfellow? Find out here with this guide to Minneapolis neighborhood Longfellow.

Minneapolis Zip Codes
A List of ZIP Codes used in the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County

Images of Downtown Minnepolis
Photographs of attractions, features, and icons of downtown Minneapolis

The Seward Neighborhood
Seward is a neighborhood in south east Minneapolis, known for it's school, location by the Mississippi River, liberal residents, and independent businesses. Here's a profile of the Seward neighborhood in Minneapolis.

Downtown Minneapolis
Downtown Minneapolis has it all - nightclubs, restaurants, museums, theatres, history, shopping, skyscrapers and the Skyway and Light Rail to link it all together. Here's a guide to what to see, where to go in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota

Communities and Neighborhoods in Minneapolis
The city of Minneapolis is divided into 11 communities, each of which are divided into several neighborhoods. There are 81 official neighborhoods. Here's an introduction to Minneapolis' communities and their neighborhoods.

The Whittier Neighborhood, Minneapolis
The Whittier neighborhood is one of Minneapolis's oldest and most interesting residential and artistic districts. It contains the Minneapolis Institure of Arts, an exciting "Eat Street" and is rich in history. See what the Whittier neighborhood has to offer with this guide.

Linden Hills Neighborhood
Linden Hills is an attractive neighborhood in the southwest of Minneapolis. Find out about the attractions, housing, people and businesses of Linden Hills with this guide to the neighborhood.

Moving to Minneapolis
Thinking about moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota? Start here to find out why Minneapolis is a great city to live in, and help with the practical stuff like where to live in the city, finding a house, connecting utilities, changing your driver's license, and more.

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