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Winter in Minneapolis and St. Paul


Winter in Minneapolis and St. Paul: How bad is it? How cold is it? How to prepare yourself, your car and your wardrobe for the winter in Minneapolis and St. Paul. And links to all the winter fun to be enjoyed during the snow.

1. How Bad is the Winter?

This bad. Winter in Minneapolis and St. Paul is very cold, very snowy, and very long.

2. Winter Survival Guide

Surviving Winter is all about the right supplies, and the right attitude. Get in the winter spirit with this guide to all that's good about Minnesota winters.

3. Dressing for the Winter Weather

Buying a coat, boots, and accessories that will make life more comfortable in the cold.

4. Driving in the Winter

Cars need to be well maintained to last through the winter. Here's a list of the most important things to take care of so your car will see you through the winter safely..

But even with the most well-looked after car, unexpected mechanical problems and severe snowstorms can strand drivers. A car emergency kit could save your life. Here's how to put a winter car emergency kit together.

5. Parking in the Winter

After heavy snowfalls, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul declare a "snow emergency" which is a set of parking restrictions governing where cars can be parked on city streets. Every city in the Twin Cities metro area has it's own set of parking rules, and different circumstances under which they are applied. If you are parking on a street, learn the rules for that city and avoid a ticket or a tow.

Every city in the Metro area has their own snow plowing ordinances and parking regulations. Here's a list of snow parking regulations for some cities in the Twin Cities metro area.

6. Paying For Heat in the Winter

Heating bills are a major expense during the winter. Here's how to figure out how big you can expect your heating bills to be, ways to reduce your heating bills, ways to spread heating bill payments, and how to find help paying energy bills.

7. Getting Around Downtown: The Skyway System

It's bliss being able to get around much of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul without going outside using the skyway systems.

9. Winter Festivals

The Holidazzle Parade with lights and music runs from Thanksgiving until Christmas in downtown Minneapolis.

The Winter Carnival, held in St. Paul in late January and early February, is the major winter event in the Twin Cities. The Winter Carnival features ice and snow sculptures, traditional Minnesotan foods, and a grand parade through downtown St. Paul.

And the City of Lakes Loppet, a cross country skiing festival, has races and a torchlit race through Minneapolis in February.

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