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Obituary Notices: Finding or Placing an Obituary in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Star Tribune Obituaries, Pioneer Press Obituaries and Local Papers


Finding an Obituary in Minneapolis/St. Paul

The two major newspapers in the Twin Cities, the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, both have a daily print obituary, and an online obituary section. Here's the Star Tribune Obituaries, and here's the Pioneer Press Obituaries.

Traditionally notices for people who lived in or had connections with Minneapolis, and the west metro area, have obituaries placed in the Star Tribune.

People who lived in, or had connections with St. Paul, and the east metro area, have obituaries placed in the Pioneer Press.

Pioneer Press obituaries can be viewed online, as well as guest books for the last year. It also has the ability to search for an obituary placed in a newspaper anywhere else in the USA, Canada or the United Kingdom.

The Star Tribune obituaries can be viewed online for for sixty days. The website also has guest books for friends and families to express condolences and share memories of their loved ones.

Some community newspapers serving the Twin Cities neighborhoods and suburbs, such as the Sun newspapers, also carry obituaries.

Placing an Obituary for Minneapolis/St. Paul

The Star Tribune's obituary desk accepts obituary notices online, by telephone, fax or by regular mail.

The Pioneer Press's obituary desk, managed by Legacy.com, accepts obituaries by telephone, fax or email.

Both the Star Tribune obituary section and the Pioneer Press obituary section make a charge to print obituaries.

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