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Marijuana in Minneapolis and St. Paul - Culture, Smoke Shops, 420 Day


Marijuana in Minneapolis and St. Paul - Culture, Smoke Shops, 420 Day

Marijuana Leaves

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Marijuana Culture in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Marijuana is available, used and accepted as widely as in an major US city. According to the Daily Beast, Minneapolis is the 13th Highest City out of the 40 cities they surveyed.

Surprisingly, for a mostly liberal state, Minnesota only recently got its own chapter of NORML, the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, in 2011. NORML campaigns for marijuana legalization, and MN NORML is working to reform Minnesota law so that marijuana is no longer illegal.

420 Day in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Minneapolis celebrates 420 Day with a festival in Loring Park, local clubs and bars have music from bands appealing to stoners: there's something for old hippies, new age freaks and weirdos, and ravers. April 20 also brings marijuana-themed comedy, free bacon, and Minneapolis' most 420 friendly pizza. Here's what's happening for 420 Day in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The Minnesota Marijuana March

The Minnesota Marijuana March, the other 3M, is held annually in the spring. The Minneapolis march is part of the 11th World Marijuana March

In 2011, the Minnesota Marijuana March is on Saturday May 7, starting at 24th Street and Hennepin Avenue in Uptown Minneapolis. People gather starting at noon, the march begins at 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.

More information at Minnesota NORML.

Marijuana Law in Minnesota - Is Marijuana Legal in Minnesota?

Marijuana is illegal in Minnesota.

Penalties for first offenses involving small amounts of marijuana for personal use are often forgiven. Possessing a small amount of marijuana, less than 42.5g, is a misdemeanor.

Offenses involving larger amounts of marijuana, repeat offenses, dealing or distributing marijuana are felonies and carry jail time and fines.

Driving under the influence of any amount of marijuana can result in jail time, license suspension, and fines.

Marijuana law, and penalties, in Minnesota.

Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

Medical marijuana is currently illegal in Minnesota. Legislators have attempted to legalize marijuana for medical use in Minnesota, but as of early 2011 to no avail. Former Governor Tim Pawlenty blocked previous medical marijuana legislation, but current Governor Mark Dayton is more sympathetic to the medical marijuana lobby, which considerably improves the possibility of medical marijuana becoming legal in Minnesota sometime in the future.

Smoke Shops, Head Shops in Minnesota, Minneapolis and St. Paul

Plenty of head shops operate in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the suburbs. Here's the rules they operate under.

  • Only those over 18, with valid ID are allowed into a smoke shop.
  • All the products are advertised for use with tobacco or other legal herbal smoking substances.
  • Referring to any illegal substance or illegal activity (yes, including marijuana and using marijuana) in the shop will mean you will be refused service, and asked to leave.
Popular head shops in Minneapolis are The Hideaway, Glassland, who make glass pipes on site. Maharaja's in downtown St. Paul sell smoking paraphernalia as well as all kinds of other random items.

Record stores Electric Fetus and Know Name Records both carry a large selection of smoking wares.

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