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The Basilica of St Mary, Minneapolis


Historical view of the Basilica of St Mary in downtown Minneapolis

Historical view of the Basilica of St Mary in downtown Minneapolis


The Basilica of St Mary is a Catholic church on Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis. The Basilica is the second most important church in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, after the Cathedral of St. Paul.


It was built between 1907 and 1915 in the Beaux-Arts style to the plans of architect Emmanuel Louis Masqueray. Masqueray also designed St. Paul's Cathedral, which was constructed at the same time. Because of the outstanding architecture, and its status as co-cathedral in the the Archdiocese, it was designated by the Pope as a Basilica in 1926. The recognition made the church America's first Basilica.


The Basilica defines itself as a "traditional church with a modern message" and is notable for the wide variety of people, particularly the number of young people, who make up its large and thriving congregation. The church has a reputation as one of the Twin Cities' most welcoming and many people relocating to Minneapolis choose to worship here.


The Basilica of St. Mary hosts musical events throughout the year, with performances of traditional choir music and classical concerts.

The Basilica is most famous for the annual Basilica Block Party, a rock festival held over several days in the summer. The block party attracts around 25,000 people, with the proceeds going towards maintenance and restoration of the Basilica.

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