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Where is the Best Place to Buy a Home in Minneapolis?

Real Estate in Powderhorn, Southwest and University


Stores in Linden Hills' Downtown, at 43rd Street and Uptown Avenue

Stores in Linden Hills' Downtown, at 43rd Street and Uptown Avenue

Clara James

Powderhorn Real Estate

The Powderhorn community is south of downtown. Powderhorn contains these neighborhoods, Bancroft, Bryant, Central, Corcoran, Lyndale, Powderhorn Park, Standish and Whittier.

Powderhorn is bisected by I-35W, and the areas to the east and west of the freeway are noticeably different. To the west, Whittier and Lyndale were once very depressed but are now arty, fashionable areas home to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and "Eat Street", a stretch of Nicollet Avenue with an enormous variety of ethnic restaurants, and benefit from their proximity to Uptown.

On the other side of I-35W, Central has a higher than average crime rate and low house prices, Bryant does too, as does the western half of Powderhorn Park. The eastern side of Powderhorn Park is popular with artists and hippies - see also, the annual May Day parade in the neighborhood. House prices are lower than average in these neighborhoods.

Corcoran, Bancroft and Standish are all quieter, residential neighborhoods with a mix of single family and multi-family housing. House prices here are slightly lower than average for Minneapolis.

Southwest Real Estate

Another ingenious name - the Southwest community is in the south west corner of Minneapolis. This is almost entirely residential neighborhood, mostly built before World War II. Most of this area is middle class and some areas are very affluent. All the housing in Southwest is more expensive than the average home in Minneapolis.

Neighborhoods in Southwest are, Armatage, East Harriet, Fulton, Kenny, King Field, Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, Tangletown and Windom.

Lake Harriet is in the center of Southwest, and as with other parts of south Minneapolis, the closer a house is to the lake shore, or Minnehaha Creek, the more expensive it will be.

The neighborhoods surrounding Lake Harriet, East Harriet, Fulton, Linden Hills and Lynnhurst are mostly larger single family homes, and have higher than average house prices.

Linden Hills has an upscale commercial district, and the 50th and France shopping area is on the Community's south west corner.

Tangletown, named for it's twisting streets, has plenty of larger, expensive houses, and has an exclusive feel - the only people there are those who live there, as through traffic stays on the grid system.

The northern parts of Armatage, Kenny and Windom have more large houses, and then as you go south, newer, smaller 1950s houses have been built near Highway 62 and house prices start to fall. The far south of the neighborhoods also experience a lot of airport noise. And King Field has Southwest's other section of more affordable housing, particularly in the east of the neighborhood.

University Real Estate

The University community contains the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus, Nicollet Island, and the Weismann Art Museum. It has been gentrified significantly in recent years, mostly due to it's proximity to the downtown area. Unsurprisingly, many students live here, and cheap restaurants, bars and coffee shops abound.

The University Community neighborhoods are, Cedar-Riverside, Como, Marcy-Holmes, Mid-City Industrial, Nicollet Island/East Bank, Prospect Park, and University.

University is occupied by the University of Minneapolis' main campus. Students live in Como and Marcy Holmes, where most housing is renter occupied and predictably, not very well cared for. But any houses for sale here still cost more than average for Minneapolis. Staff who can afford it live in Prospect Park, a hilly neighborhood with large, attractive houses, and one of the more expensive neighborhoods of Minneapolis.

Another desirable part of town is Nicollet Island/East Bank, which doesn't have a large volume housing, but real estate here, the mix of new condominium construction, converted industrial buildings or the historic buildings on Nicollet Island, are sought after.

Cedar Riverside has always been a gateway community for immigrants to Minneapolis. It has a smaller University of Minnesota Campus and a private college, Augsburg University, and the Minneapolis campus of St. Katherine's University, and an arts and entertainment district with several bars and theaters. Housing in Cedar-Riverside is dominated by rental properties, high rises and multi-family buildings, with a small number of single family homes.

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