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All About Biking in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Minneapolis and St. Paul Bike Shops, Places to Ride and People to Ride With


If you love biking in Minneapolis, you have lots of company. Where to buy a bike in Minneapolis, where to ride in Minneapolis, where the trails are, where to get your bicycle serviced, how to find cycling groups, what to do if your bike is stolen, and more - resources for cyclists in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Bike Shops in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Bike shops in Minneapolis, St. Paul and across the Twin Cities for new and used bikes, parts, service, clothing and accessories.

Bike Shops in the Twin Cities

Bike Trails and Bike Paths

Minneapolis has a very good network of trails and bike paths criss-crossing much of the city.

Minneapolis Bike Maps

St. Paul doesn't have as many off-road bike paths as Minneapolis, but has a fair number of bike lanes and bike paths.

St. Paul Bike Maps

Here's a map of bikeways in the Twin Cities metro area. Trails link most cities, lakes, and offer rides through many beautiful scenic area.

Bikeways in the Twin Cities Map

The Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis

The Midtown Greenway is a dedicated 5.5 mile off-road cycle and pedestrian path that connects the Mississippi River in the east, to Midtown and Uptown Minneapolis in the west of the city.

Cycling Clubs

Need buddies to go riding with? Here's a list of bike clubs who organize rides in the summer... and winter too, for hardy souls.


The Urban Assault Ride

The Urban Assault Ride is a late summer bicycle race around Minneapolis involving crazy challenges, and a huge party afterwards.

Easy Rides around Twin Cities Lakes

Are you a new rider, riding with children, or towing a tag-a-long or a trailer?

The easiest, and some of the most attractive rides in the Twin Cities circle our beautiful lakes.

Urban lakes have much more than water to see: here's photo tours of some easy rides around lakes in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and what sights to look out for as you ride.

Bike Theft

A serious problem in Minneapolis, and in the Twin Cities. Thousands of bikes are stolen every year in the metro area.

How to reduce the risk of having your bike stolen.

What to do if your bike is stolen in Minneapolis: report your bike stolen at a police department or by calling 311, or make a police report of the theft online.

In other cities across the Twin Cities metro area: call the local police department to report the theft.

Winter Cycling in Minneapolis and St. Paul

No, it's not as fun as in the summer, but yes, it can be done. Here's some links to resources of how to prepare your bike for winter, how to ride safely in the snow, what to wear, and more.

Cycling Events and Festivals

The annual Minnesota Bike Festival has rides, displays and demonstations, children's activities, and an expo with the latest bike gear. The Minnesota Bike Festival is held in Minneapolis and St. Paul in June.

The annual Bicycle Film Fest, one of several related international events, has bicycle films, parties, races, and plenty of bike-related fun in Minneapolis is July.

More Bicycling Resources

All about buying a bike, riding tips and advice, coverage of bicycling events, and more from About.com's guide to Bicycling.
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