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A Walk, a Bike Ride or a Skate Around Lake Como's Trails in Como Park, St. Paul


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Lake Como
Como Lake, near Black Bear Crossing Pavilion

Como Lake's west shore, near Black Bear Crossing Pavilion

Clara James
Lake Como, in northwest St. Paul, is one of the largest lakes in the city. The lake is surrounded by Como Park, which has a zoo, conservatory, fairground rides and attractions.

A large parking lot on the shore of the lake is accessible from Lexington Avenue. There's a cafe and pavilion here, Black Bear Crossings.

A paved walking trail, and a cycle trail circle the lake.

The walking trail hugs the lake shore, and is 1.6 miles long - or 3200 steps. There's grass to the side of the trail for joggers who prefer a softer surface.

The bicycle path is 1.75 miles long, and is almost all flat, with some very gentle hills in a couple of places where it takes a slightly different route to the walking trail. In common with trails around other lakes, the cycle trail is one way. The path runs anti-clockwise around the lake.

Walkers, joggers, in-line skaters, cyclists all use the lake, and it can get busy in the summer.

I ride my bicycle around Lake Como with my son in a bike trailer, once with several stops for him to stretch his legs and look at the sights, and then ride around again, or follow some other other paths in Como Park since it's quite a short trail.

Many other cyclists add a loop of Lake Como to longer rides that take them through the area.

This tour will head around the lake anti-clockwise from the parking lot at Black Bear Crossings pavilion.

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