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Parking at Target Center for Events, Shows and Timberwolves Games

Where to Park at Target Center - The Best Place to Park at Target Center


The Target Center is in downtown Minneapolis, in the established Warehouse arts and entertainment district, and parking can be a hassle. And now that the Minnesota Twins' new ballpark, Target Field, has opened almost next door, there's going to be times where competition for parking spaces will be intense.

Don't worry too much though: there are thousands of parking spaces close by the Target Center. So where's the best place to park to see a show, event, concert or Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game at the Target Center? Here's where to park for the Target Center in Minneapolis.

Parking Ramps for the Target Center

Four large parking ramps, the City of Minneapolis' A, B, C, and Hawthorne municipal parking ramps, are the closest parking for the Target Center, are connected to the Target Center by skyway, and have 7,000 spaces between them. Parking will cost between $7 and $11.

Map of the City of Minneapolis' Parking Ramps, and Parking Fees.

Several more municipal and private parking ramps are a short walk away, many connected most of the way to the Target Center by the skyway system.

Here's a map of the private and municipal parking ramps close to the Target Center.

Parking Lots and Surface Parking for the Target Center

There are currently several surface parking lots in the Warehouse District, many along Washington Avenue and First Avenue, who will be happy to charge you event rate parking.

And are there going to be any new parking lots, now that demand for parking has increased since Target Field, the new Twins Stadium opened? The business and commercial neighborhood to the north and east of the Target Center has several vacant parking lots, but they will be off-limit to baseball fans, at least for the present. The City of Minneapolis has said that it will not issue any more commercial parking permits for these lots, saying that there is sufficient parking already for Target Center goers.

Metrodome surface parking lots are still going to be available for use, and the Light Rail connects the Metrodome to the Target Center, two blocks from the Warehouse District/Hennepin Avenue station. The fare for riding through downtown Minneapolis is only 50c.

Meter Parking at the Target Center

Meters in the blocks near the Target Center have an eight hour time limit. Bring quarters, dollars or a Minneapolis Parking Card. Parking will cost $4 for eight hours.

Watch out for meters further away, as they still have the regular two hour limit for parking.

Street Parking for the Target Center

If you are looking for free street parking for the Target Center , you can find it, but expect to walk around a mile, or a little more, to the ball park. The neighborhoods to the west of the Target Center, around the Olsen Memorial highway, have the closest free street parking but are also a higher-crime neighborhood.

Alternatives are parking in the industrial neighborhoods between I-94 and the Mississippi River, but probably the best place to look for free street parking is on the other side of the river, in the quieter St. Anthony West neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis.

Consider bringing your bikes - park, then bike from your car, as there are plenty of bike racks nearby the Target Center.

Alternatives to Parking at the Target Center - Riding the Bus and Train

The Light Rail serves the Target Center, and the nearest station is the Warehouse District/Hennepin Avenue station, two blocks away. There are large, free, park and ride lots at the 28th Avenue station and the Fort Snelling station in south Minneapolis.

Several Metro Transit bus routes serve the Target Center too.

Figure out your route to the Target Center at MetroTransit.org.

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