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Afton Alps Ski and Snowboard Hill

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Afton Alps is a ski and snowboard hill about an hours drive east of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Afton Alps

Afton Alps is the second-tallest local ski hill, out of the ones closest to the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. The vertical drop is 350 feet, and the longest run is 0.6 miles. Yes, the 'Alps' part of the name is rather tongue-in-cheek, but Minnesota is one of the nation's flatter states. It's what we've got.

Welch Village is slightly taller and has more area, but Afton Alps is more popular, in part for being where the cool kids go.

Afton Alps has 48 trails, if you count several short connectors between other runs. Afton Alps has a good mix of green, blue, black runs, and enough lifts to satisfy demand without too much queuing during busy times.

The green runs are concentrated in the center of Afton Alps, handy for beginners who don't need to worry about accidentally straying into black terrain.

Afton Alps varies the jumps, moguls and terrain park features every year, usually adding some new feature every season.

Food and Drink at Afton Alps

The food available is cafeteria style. Hastings and Woodbury are around 15 minutes away, on the way back home to the Twin Cities, and have much more choice for food.

Discounted lift tickets for Afton Alps

How can you get cheap lift tickets for Afton Alps?

If you know where to look, you can avoid paying the published rate for a lift ticket to Afton Alps. In 2011, a regular all day adult lift ticket costs $41.

If you join, or attend a gathering of a local ski and/or snowboard club, you can buy a ticket at their group rate, the same as the regular discount price.

The last day of the season is traditionally bargain priced. Lift tickets are around half-price, and discounted to $5 if you bring a donation for a local food shelf.

Joining Afton Alps's email list is a must to get notice of sales and special offers. Get on their email list or follow them on Facebook to find out about discounts.

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