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Places to go Trick or Treating in Minneapolis and St. Paul

The Best Places to go Trick or Treating in Minneapolis and St. Paul


Halloween night is drawing close, and you might be wondering where the best places are to trick or treat in Minneapolis and St. Paul?

Children's Halloween Events

Local parks, museums, malls and shopping districts put on Halloween events, encourage kids to come in costume, and hand out candy. Here's a list of children's Halloween events around Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Recommended: The Grand Avenue Boo Bash - free, and very popular with local families. The Grand Avenue Boo Bash provides Halloween entertainment all along Grand Avenue, as well as trick-or-treating at shops and restaurants along Grand Avenue.
Also recommended: The Como Zoo Boo. This ticketed fundraising event is held in the evening, outside regular zoo hours. Designed for younger children, this non-scary event has trick or treating, and the chance to see the animals too.

Neighborhoods in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Zillow, the real estate website, identified the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods in Minneapolis, and around the country by considering factors like walkability, safety and crime levels, the average price of houses (presumably related to the wealth of the occupants).

For 2011, Zillow came the the conclusion that southwest Minneapolis neighborhoods - Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, and Fulton are the best, as well as Cedar-Isles-Dean and East Isles, the neighborhoods to each side of Lake of the Isles. This is Zillow's conclusion, based on their criteria.

In St. Paul, a comparable neighborhood would be Summit Avenue, and that's no secret. Hundreds of families bring their children to Summit Avenue for trick-or-treating every Halloween.

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