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Irish, Welsh and British Pubs in Minneapolis/St. Paul


Want a pint of Guinness, some Irish whiskey, or a plate of fish and chips? Here's a list of Irish, Welsh and British Pubs in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities

Kieran's Irish Pub, Minneapolis

A large Irish pub, with a big screen, within a block of Target Field, Target Center and First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, so not the place for a quiet pint. Otherwise, a friendly venue for groups of all sizes, and the food - usually the Achilles heel of Irish bars - isn't bad either.

Brit's Pub, Minneapolis

The hugely popular Brit's Pub in downtown Minneapolis is a must-visit destination in the summer for their terrace and outdoor lawn bowling green. It's a people watching hot spot in the Twin Cities.

Keegan's, Minneapolis

The interior of this pub was crafted in Ireland and shipped in crates to the Twin Cities. Although this is one of the less authentic pubs in the Twin Cities, it's still a lot of fun, and they will cook you an Irish breakfast at any time of night on Friday and Saturday.

The Local, Minneapolis

This Irish bar in downtown Minneapolis is the leader in fish and chips in the Twin Cities, and shows plenty of Irish and European sporting events, making it very popular with ex-pats.

Merlin's Rest, Minneapolis

This pub really does have the look of a British pub... a bad British pub. Still, the atmosphere at this English-and-Welsh pub is fun, and regular events like live music, pub quizzes and kilt nights make this a fun place for ex-pats and others to visit.

Patrick McGovern's Pub, St. Paul

A few doors away from the Liffey in downtown St. Paul, Patrick McGovern's cooks up excellent Irish stew for winter days, and has an attractive patio for the summertime.

The Liffey, St. Paul

The Liffey Irish pub in downtown St. Paul is hugely popular, and with a wonderful rooftop terrace in the shadow of St. Paul's cathedral, it's one of the finest places to drink a pint in the Twin Cities.

Kip's, St. Louis Park

Kip's is an Irish pub and restaurant, run by an Irishman who met a Minnesota lass while traveling the world and settled in our fair state.

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