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Ice Cream in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Hand made and gourmet ice creams in Minneapolis and St. Paul


Even though the outside temperature is colder than their frozen products for six months, Minneapolis and St. Paul still have several excellent independent ice cream factories, churning their own ice creams all year round. Here's where the best ice cream is in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

1. Izzy's Ice Cream, St. Paul

My favorite ice cream parlor in the Twin Cities. Love their stylish cafe, love the many, many, many flavors of ice cream, love the free Izzy scoop on every cone, and love that they use organic and local ingredients.

2034 Marshall Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104
Telephone 651-603-5081

2. The Pumphouse Creamery, Minneapolis

I walked by this tiny Chicago Avenue store several times when visiting nearby businesses and never noticed it until recently. I'm still in mourning for all that amazing ice cream I missed. All organic, handmade ice creams, in classic and sophisticated flavors. My favorite ice cream in Minneapolis.

4754 Chicago Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Telephone 612-825-2021

3. Grand Ole Creamery, St. Paul and Minneapolis

They named it well. They sell the creamiest and richest old fashioned ice cream in the Twin Cities, either from the original store on Grand Avenue, or the new one in Minneapolis.

St. Paul
750 Grand Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105
Telephone 651-665-0094

4737 South Cedar Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Telephone 612-222-2261

4. Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream, Minneapolis

I'm probably being controversial with positioning Sebastian Joe's at the bottom of this list. Yes, it wins "Best Ice Cream" awards from Citysearch and City Pages. Yes, their Linden Hills cafe is a lovely place summer and winter, but to me, their ice cream lacks in flavor compared to other hand-made ice creams in the Twin Cities.

Linden Hills
4321 South Upton Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Telephone 612-926-7916

Uptown Minneapolis
1007 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Telephone 612-870-0065

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