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The Pumphouse Creamery Ice Cream Shop

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The Bottom Line

The Pumphouse Creamery sells amazing organic, handmade ice cream from a tiny store on Chicago Avenue in southeast Minneapolis.


  • All the ice cream is made with organic dairy products
  • When the ingredients are not organic, they are locally sourced if possible


  • The store is a little hard to find


  • 4754 Chicago Avenue
    Minneapolis, MN, 55407
  • Telephone 612-825-2021
  • On the north west corner of the Chicago Avenue-48th Street intersection, between a pizza restaurant and hardware store.

Guide Review - The Pumphouse Creamery Ice Cream Shop

The Pumphouse Creamery is easily missed. The easiest way to spot the store is by the customers outside enjoying ice cream that definitely did not come from the large hardware store that dominates this block.

All the ice creams are hand made using organic milk and cream, from nearby Osceola, Wisconsin, and local produce from here in Minnesota. The brownies in the brownie ice cream are real, handmade, brownies and there's handmade toffee ice cream too.

A complex recipe like the Kulfi ice cream, is aromatic and intoxicating with rosewater, pistachio and cardamom. Classic flavors like Banana are pure, sweet cream and banana, nothing more, and are simply wonderful.

Summertime is ice cream season, but also when local fresh berries are ripe, and ready to be made into blueberry, blackberry and raspberry ice creams. I discovered this gem of an ice cream store in the winter, and now I can't stop thinking about fresh berry ice creams. If they are as good as the Pumphouse Creamery's other flavors, they'll be amazing, and absolutely worth waiting for.

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