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Day By Day Cafe

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The Exterior of St. Paul's Day By Day Cafe

The Day By Day Cafe in St. Paul

Clara James

The Bottom Line

A classic neighborhood cafe, with quirky looks, tasty food, and a friendly atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to grab a quick coffee or enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the Day By Day Cafe.


  • Cool, artistic decor
  • Huge menu caters to almost everyone
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Large outdoor seating area for summer days


  • Parking can be a headache
  • Often a wait for tables on the weekend


  • 477 West Seventh Street, St. Paul, MN 55102
  • Telephone 651-227-0654
  • In the West Seventh neighborhood, close to downtown St. Paul.
  • On several bus routes (54, 70, 74) and moments from the Grand Avenue exit of Interstate 35E.

Guide Review - Day By Day Cafe

The Day By Day Cafe is a West Seventh neighborhood establishment. Customers include gathering families, young couples, punks and seniors. Locals love it here, and so do the people who drive across town for melt-in-the-mouth French toast and fluffy eggs.


A huge and varied menu caterers to everyone. The health conscious can order a Tofu-Veggie Scramble. Too healthy? Try the “Heart Stopper” breakfast, shown on the menu next to a diagram of cardiac arrest. Both are delicious. All the food here is cooked fresh, served fast, and is very reasonably priced.

For late risers, and those with 4 p.m. pancake cravings, they serve breakfast all day, plus a lunch and dinner menu of sandwiches and salads


The exterior of purple paint and glittering mosaic hints at the eclectic inside. Fairytale paintings decorate the walls between giant bookshelves and cabinets full of toys, tchotchkes and curios. Adults can borrow a book, children can play with the toys, and everyone can make themselves at home while indulging in some great food.

The seating is mostly booths, perfect for chatting, nursing a hangover or writing a screenplay in peace. There is an outdoor patio if the weather is agreeable.

Local Knowledge

Like all the best places for breakfast, there is often a line early on weekend mornings. Two doors down is the enthralling antique store Sophie Joe's, a great place to browse while waiting.

Watch out for parking restrictions in nearby streets stopping nearby Xcel Energy Center visitors parking in the neighborhood. Most of the time it is possible to find a free on-street parking spot within a short block or two. Planning to have the Heart Stopper breakfast? Then a little walk back to the car is probably a good idea!

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