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Chino Latino Restaurant and Bar

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Chino Latino, bar and restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis

Chino Latino, bar and restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis

Clara James

The Bottom Line

One of the places to be seen in Uptown, Chino Latino has international food, incredible mixed drinks, and a cool crowd.


  • Stylish, modern bar in the heart of Uptown


  • Very popular and often crowded


  • 2916 South Hennepin Avenue
    Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • Telephone 612-824-7878
  • Valet parking, Calhoun Square parking ramp opposite, free on-street parking a couple of blocks west of Hennepin Avenue.

Guide Review - Chino Latino Restaurant and Bar

Chino Latino wouldn't be out of place in New York or Los Angeles. It's a sleek, modern bar and restaurant on the Hennepin Avenue-Lake Street intersection in Uptown Minneapolis.

There's no traditional sign for the place. Look for the doorway plastered with Chino Latino posters under sparkles glittering on the wall on the north west side of in the intersection on Hennepin Avenue,

Inside it's huge, dark, busy, the DJs spin and flirt, the drinks are as expensive as the decor. They hype their food, a combination of Asian, Cuban, Hawaiian, and other exotic cuisines. It comes on big plates for sharing, so it's fun, but tastes average.

Like the patrons, Chino Latino hasn't missed any of the details to look good. Even the bathrooms are hyper stylish with two-way mirrors from the ladies to the gentlemen's sinks, so there is plenty of posing and pouting going on in there.

You come here to party and be seen, not enjoy gourmet food. It seems like half of Minneapolis is in here on weekend nights, so if you are as stylish as the average Chino Latino-goer, this is your best chance of not going home alone.

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