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Barbette Restaurant

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The Bottom Line

Uptown Minneapolis' most chic destination for brunch, dinner and unmissable french fries. Sorry, frites.


  • Best french fries in the Twin Cities


  • Loud: busy and music, you'll have to shout to talk to the other end of the table


  • 1600 West Lake Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • Telephone 612-827-5710
  • Metered parking on Lake Street, free on-street parking within a few blocks.

Guide Review - Barbette Restaurant

You know those random thoughts that pop into your head? You know, when you are filling up your car, or assembling flat-pack furniture, and all of a sudden you really want a bowl of french fries from Barbette?

Perhaps this doesn't quite happen to you, but Barbette makes fabulous fries, great big bowls of them, that lodge themselves into your subconscious and then remind you of how tasty they are when you are at work or at the Mall of America or somewhere awkwardly distant from Uptown Minneapolis.

Barbette is very popular for brunch. They do fantastic French-style crepes stuffed with all kinds of good things, often organic and local produce.

Lunch and dinner are French-inspired too, a seasonally changing selection of dishes incorporating what ingredients are freshest and most delicious right now.

The place looks as stylish as the food is good. Outdoor seating in the summer, scrubbed wooden tables, and decorative tilework are casual and elegant. It works for a hungover breakfast and it works just as well for a first date or an anniversary. Just beware of those french fries cravings...

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