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La Cucaracha Mexican Restaurante

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La Cucaracha Restaurante, a Mexican Restaurant on Dale Street in St Paul.

La Cucaracha Restaurante, a Mexican Restaurant on Dale Street in St Paul.

Clara James

The Bottom Line

la Cucaracha Mexican Restaurante is a popular Mexican restaurant on Dale Street, just off St. Paul's Grand Avenue.


  • Popular happy hour
  • Some local and organic ingredients


  • Dark and lacking in atmosphere


  • 36 South Dale Street St. Paul, MN 55102
  • Telephone 651-221-9682
  • Limited on-street parking

Guide Review - La Cucaracha Mexican Restaurante

La Cucaracha Mexican Restaurante has been in business since 1970 and claim to be a "world famous Mexican restaurante". I admit that I hasn't heard of La Cucaracha before I moved to Minnesota, but then I also hadn't heard of the Minnesota Wild ice hockey team either, so that shows you what I know.

World famous or not, La Cucaracha is famous in St. Paul. The happy hour is very popular, it's always busy on summer evenings, and usually busy at other times too.

The food is a little more expensive than hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurants, but comes in big plate-fulls, and they use some organic ingredients, and many locally-sourced foods. The menu has all the Mexican staples plus other interesting dishes, some fusions with other styles of cooking, that keep customers coming back to try more dishes.

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