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The 5-8 Club - Home of the Juicy Lucy Burger

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The 5-8 Club is one of two Minneapolis bars both claiming to have invented the Juicy Lucy burger.


  • (Possibly) The home of the Juicy Lucy


  • The second best Juicy Lucy in Minneapolis


  • 5500 S. Cedar Avenue
    Minneapolis, MN 55417
  • Telephone 612 823-5858‎
  • Parking in the lot behind the 5-8 Club

Guide Review - The 5-8 Club - Home of the Juicy Lucy Burger

Minneapolis is home to the Juicy Lucy burger, a cheeseburger cooked with the cheese inside the meat. The melting cheese keeps the meat tender and delicious.

5-8 Club claims to be the home of the original Juicy Lucy burger, which they say they invented sometime in the 1950s. Matt's Bar, the 5-8 Club's arch rival, claim that actually, that they invented it first. Matt's Bar sells the Jucy Lucy Burger, with the tagline of "if it's spelled right, you are in the wrong place".

Which Minneapolis bar invented the Juicy Lucy or Jucy Lucy first might never be answered, but we can try to answer a more important question: who does the best Juicy Lucy in Minneapolis? (Or who does the best Jucy Lucy in Minneapolis?)

The 5-8 Club is much more proactive about defending the home of the original Juicy Lucy than the laissez-faire attitude of Matt's Bar.

The Juicy Lucy at the 5-8 is made with the classic choice of American cheese, or you can have pepper, blue or Swiss cheese in your Juicy Lucy.

The buns are freshly baked and better than Matt's Bar, and 5-8 Juicy Lucy burgers are technically better too. They retain more superheated cheese than Matt's, where much of the cheese seems to have boiled into the meat and the rest floods out and scalds your fingers when you bite, leaving a void in the burger. The meat in the 5-8 Club burger, however, isn't quite as tasty.

The 5-8 Club's modern renovations have removed any speakeasy style the bar once had, taking away the 1950s ambiance that is an integral part of this 1950s burger. The flip side of that, is that the 5-8 Club is more family friendly restaurant than dive bar. The 5-8 Club has much more than just the Juicy Lucy on the menu if you are dining with non-burger eaters. There's also a 5-8 Club in Champlin, and one in Maplewood, and good for them for bringing the Juicy Lucy to the suburbs.

Considering the bar and the burger, for a true Juicy Lucy, you'll need to go to Matt's Bar. But the 5-8 Club's Juicy Lucy is a fine burger and worthy of being a Minneapolis food icon.

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