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Minnesota Thanksgiving Turkey: WhereTo Get Local Turkeys in Minneapolis/St. Paul


Local Minnesota farms raise turkeys for Thanksgiving, which are sold in local Minneapolis/St. Paul markets, stores and butchers. Here's where to find a local, organic Turkey for an ethical Thanksgiving meal.

  • Co-ops

    The Twin Cities' nine Co-op natural food markets all supply local Minnesota raised turkeys from organic, sustainable farms. Orders are taken in early November, but most co-ops have a selection of turkeys for sale in the stores for walk-in customers.

    Where is your nearest co-op? List of co-ops in the Twin Cities

  • Markets

    Local upscale supermarkets Lunds and Byerlys have several locations across the Twin Cities and sell organic turkeys.

    Newcomer to the Twin Cities grocery scene, Trader Joes has two kinds of Minnesota raised turkeys.

  • Independent Butchers

    Local, independent butchers have to be good to survive these days. Here's where you can shop local for local turkey.

    Everett's Food and Meats is so old-school they don't have a website. They do have organic turkeys though. Everett's Foods & Meats, 1833 E 38th St, Minneapolis, telephone 612-729-6626‎.

    Clancey's Meats and Fish does have a website, albeit under construction. Again, the old fashioned way - Clancey's Meats and Fish is at 4307 S Upton Avenue, Linden Hills, Minneapolis, telephone 612-926-0222.

    Kramarczuk Sausage Company has free-range turkey and plenty of other Thanksgiving fare at their market which sells all kinds of European and domestic food in St. Anthony, Minneapolis. 215 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Telephone 612-379-3018.

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