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The Water Park of America, Indoor Water Park, Bloominton, Minnesota


The Water Park of America is a Mall of America attraction, and is one of the largest indoor water parks in Minnesota.

What Attractions and Rides are at the Water Park of America?

The Water Park of America has plenty of things to do.
  • Slides galore: 3 body slides, 2 tube slides, and the 10-story tall family raft ride. Very fun, but nothing extreme.
  • The FlowRider: A surf simulator allowing body boarding, and stand up surfing during designated stand up surfing hours. It's the only one of its kind in Minnesota and an unique experience. I only have one piece of advice for the FlowRider: ensure your swimsuit is securely fastened.
  • The Lazy River: Allegedly a mile long, and reaches around the entire park.
  • Fort Snelling: A play structure, advertised for younger children with water slides and other child-friendly attractions. It sits in a zero-depth entry pool but unless your baby likes to be splashed, it may be too much for very small children. It's also very easy to lose sight of children playing here so be considerate of how capable your child is around water.
  • The Activity Pool: A small pool with lily pads and basketball hoops. Probably the least exciting part of the water park.
  • The Wave Pool: Hang out in a tube here.

What Does it Cost to go to the Water Park of America?

The price of tickets vary according to the day of the week, the season, and how long you will be spending at the Water Park.

Prices for adult and children are the same. Everyone - babies, children and adults - who wish to enter the water park, will have to pay the same price.

In 2012, admission tickets start at $19.95 and rise to $39.95 per person. Check online at the Water Park of America's website for opening hours, and the prices for the day that you wish to visit.

Non-swimmers also have to pay for admission too. The cost is a pricey $15.95 for each spectator.

Another disproportionately expensive item is renting a locker. A small locker will cost $6 and will fit, at the most, two people's things. If you don't need to store anything securely, there are chairs, tables, and other areas poolside where swimmers can leave their belongings.

Apart from the admission price and lockers, there are plenty of other ways to spend money at the Water Park of America. There is an arcade, and food and beverages for sale.

Where is The Water Park of America?

It's not at the Mall of America. The Water Park of America is inside the Radisson Hotel in Bloomington, about a half mile from the Mall of America.

How Can You Get Discount Tickets for the Water Park of America?

Discount tickets for the Water Park of America are hard to find. With ticket prices fluctuating so much over the course of a week, picking a quiet time can save a lot of money. Weekend evenings and Sundays tend to be cheapest. Unsurprisingly, if you want to save money, avoid Saturdays and Holidays which are the most expensive days.

Sign up for the Water Park of America's email list to be notified of special offers and discounts. And the Water Park of America also distributes special offers to their social media friends. Like the Water Park of America on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for special offers.

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