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September 2013 Events and Festivals in Minneapolis and St. Paul: September 16-22


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September 21 - 22: Lakeville Arts Festival In Lakeville, a small but high-quality juried art festival is held in downtown Lakeville.

September 21 - 22: Maple Grove Arts Fair Maple Grove is also home to an art fair this weekend. Maple Grove has entertainment, food, and childrens' activities in addition to the art.

September 21 - 22: Marine Art Fair Marine, in the St. Croix valley, holds its 36th annual juried art show in support of the Marine Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Department. The St. Croix valley is a beautiful place to be, especially as the leaves start to change color in the fall.

September 21 and 22: The Minnesota Renaissance Festival opens its doors again for the holiday weekend, and every weekend in September.

September 21 - 22, and weekends through Halloween: Hallowe'en Haunt at ValleySCARE! It's almost that time of year again... Halloween comes to Valleyfair with ghosts, ghouls and goblins to scare the pants off guests in the evening, and trick-or-treating for younger children during the day.

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