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October 2013 Events & Festivals in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Twin Cities Metro


As October begins, we have lots of fall activities to look forwards to.

National Fire Prevention Week is October 6-12. The fire department recommends that you change the batteries in your smoke alarms this week. And for a family day out, many fire stations around the Twin Cities hold open houses this week or next.

And something that we do want to be blazing this week: fall color usually peaks in the first weeks of October in the Twin Cities. Here's the best places to see fall color in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul,and more places to see fall color, on a day or weekend trip in Minnesota.

Columbus Day is Monday October 14.

Halloween is Thursday October 31. If you are looking for Halloween events, Here's what children and family friendly Halloween activities are on offer, and for adults, here's where the over 21 Halloween parties are, and a list of very scary haunted houses in the Twin Cities.

More events in Minneapolis and St. Paul on the next pages....

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