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Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2013 Dates

Opening Dates for the 2013 Minnesota RenFest


Gypsy at Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Gypsy at Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Minnesota Renaissance Festival
Out in ye olde Shakopee, there be a medieval village filled with the aforementioned wenches, vagabonds, knights, wizards, faeries, hobbits, morris dancers, belly dancers with snakes, and everyone putting on their finest British accents.

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is an annual event, starting in late August, and opening every weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, until late September or early October. The festival is also open on Labor Day and selected other dates.

What are the 2013 dates for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival?

In 2013, the Minnesota RenFest will be open weekends from August 27 until September 27, plus Labor Day. And, the final weekend, the RenFest will be open from Friday for a long weekend.

Here are the dates the Minnesota RenFest will be open in 2013,

Saturday August 17
Sunday August 18

Saturday August 24
Sunday August 25

Saturday August 31
Sunday September 1
September 2 (Labor Day)

Saturday September 7
Sunday September 8

Saturday September 14
Sunday September 15

Saturday September 21
Sunday September 22

Friday September 27
Saturday September 28
Sunday September 29

The Festival grounds are open from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Renaissance Fair days.

Opening hours, ticket, directions and more information at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival website.

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