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The Anti-Valentine's Day: Alternative Valentine's Day Ideas


Are you resolutely single, or broken hearted, or sick to the back teeth of overpriced commercial junk that fills the stores and the pressure to be with the perfect person on Valentine's day?

Dress in black, bake some broken heart cupcakes, and try some of these suggestions for an anti-Valentine's day in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

First, anti-Valentine's day cards. Local unfriendly greetings cards company Maybe You Should Die has a vast range of Valentine's Day cards dripping with sweetness and profanity. Available at Design Collective in Uptown Minneapolis, Patina stores, and online.

Also in Uptown: the Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group is actually a bar and restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis, and is having happy hour all Valentine's Day evening, and servers and bartenders prepped to reassure you that you don't need that scumbag anyway.

What about blasting the snot out of your ex on Valentine's Day? Stage your own (non deadly) Valentine's Day massacre at Splat Tag in Hudson. The paintball range will be open on February weekends, assuming that the weather is favorable. Check Splat Tag's Facebook page for the latest.

Sweet music is traditional on Valentine's day, but for anti-Valentine's day, replace ballads and love songs with punk rock.

This Valentine's Day week, try Station 4 for heavy metal and industrial music in downtown St. Paul.

And if that's not raucous enough, try the The Cabooze which is hosting the 31th Annual Battle of the Jug Bands, also a homelessness benefit concert. The jug bands will battle on Sunday February 10.

After the jug bands or all that PBR, you don't want to take your lonesome self, or your rest of your anti-Valentine's company to a fancy restaurant. Try Hard Times, the gritty cooperatively-run vegan/vegetarian cafe, a short walk away from the music venues on Riverside Avenue.

Another alternative Valentine's Day dining experience: White Castle. Yes, that White Castle. The fast food chain has a special Valentine's Day menu and Twin Cities restaurants are decked out with cheesy balloons, special place settings and streamers galore.

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