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Columbus Day in Minneapolis and St. Paul

What's Open, What's Closed in Minneapolis and St. Paul on Columbus Day


Columbus Day is Monday October 14, 2013.

Columbus Day is a Federal holiday. But is Columbus Day a holiday in Minnesota?

Columbus Day is not a executive branch state holiday in Minnesota. Branches of state government are allowed to decide whether to have Columbus Day as a holiday. Many decide to remain open on Columbus Day, preferring to take the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday instead.

So, in general, Federal organizations will be closed for Columbus Day. Most Minnesota State organizations will be open on Columbus Day.

What's Closed in Minneapolis and St. Paul on Columbus Day?

Federal organizations in Minnesota will be closed on Columbus Day.

Post offices will be closed.

Parking meters operated by the City of Minneapolis will not be enforced. However, across the river, the City of St. Paul will be enforced their meters, as will other parking meters, such as those at the University of Minnesota or at Minneapolis Parks, may be enforced.

St. Paul Public Libraries and the Ramsey County Libraries will be closed on Columbus Day.

The City of Minneapolis observes Columbus Day. Some city offices will be closed.

The United States District Courts - Minnesota District will be closed.

What's Open in Minneapolis and St. Paul on Columbus Day?

Most organizations operated by the State of Minnesota, or by a city, will be open. Businesses, shopping malls, museums, and offices will generally be open with their regular hours. Hours may be different for Columbus Day, so call for hours.

Most Minnesota Schools will be open. St. Paul Public Schools and Minneapolis Public Schools will be open.

Metro Transit buses and trains will be running a normal weekday schedule.

Minnesota State Courts are open.

Hennepin County government offices, such as Public Health departments, and service centers, are open. Ramsey County government offices are also open. Other county offices are open.

Hennepin County Libraries are open. Minneapolis libraries are always closed on Mondays. Scott, Carver, Anoka and Washington County libraries are open on Columbus Day.

The City of St. Paul does not observe Columbus Day - offices will be open.

Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services Offices are open.

Garbage collection will occur in the city of Minneapolis, and by most garbage collectors.

Things to do on Columbus Day

Do you get the day off on Columbus Day? Here's some ideas for things to do in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

  • A long weekend to Northern Minnesota or Wisconsin, if the fall color is still in season.
  • Visit one of our local Apple Orchards
  • Go to the mall, or a museum, or anywhere else which is usually busy at the weekend. Most are open their regular hours. Most people don't have the day off today! Many museums are closed on all Mondays so check hours before you go.

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