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Neighborhoods of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and Suburbs of the Twin Cities


Minneapolis and St. Paul are both very much cities made up of distinct neighborhoods, each with their own character.
  1. Downtown Minneapolis
  2. Dinkytown
  3. Linden Hills
  4. Longfellow
  5. Seward
  6. Uptown Minneapolis
  7. Whittier
  8. St. Paul Neighborhoods
  1. Downtown St. Paul
  2. Como Park
  3. Grand Avenue
  4. Merriam Park
  5. Summit Hill
  6. Suburbs in the Twin Cities Metro Area
  7. Getting About Town - Driving and Public Transit

Downtown Minneapolis

Minneapolis Central Library

Downtown Minneapolis is Minneapolis' business district, has a major arts and entertainment district, and has historic ruins and attractions.


Dinkytown is the area surrounding the University of Minneapolis' east bank campus, and as such, is packed with student-friendly businesses and housing.

Linden Hills

Lake Harriet Rose Garden

Linden Hills is a neighborhood southwest Minneapolis, surrounded by lakes and containing several unique independent businesses.


Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis

Longfellow is a south east neighborhood on Minneapolis, on the bank of the Mississippi River.


Midtown Greenway - Graffiti Art on the Midtown Greenway, Minneapolis

Seward is a liberal neighborhood in south Minneapolis.

Uptown Minneapolis

Calhoun Square

Uptown Minneapolis is one of Minneapolis' most fashionable neighborhoods with lots to do, lots of places to shop, and eat out.


Whittier is a historically deprived neighborhood which is currently undergoing revitalization and is becoming one of Minneapolis' more fashionable neighborhoods.

St. Paul Neighborhoods

Il Vesco Vino, an Italian restaurant in a converted Victorian mansion in St Paul's Summit Hill.

St Paul is divided into seventeen neighborhoods. Here's a list of St. Paul's neighborhoods, and profiles of selected neighborhoods in St. Paul.

Downtown St. Paul

Minnesota Children's Museum, Downtown St. Paul

Downtown St. Paul is a major business district, and has some notable museums and a growing arts and entertainment scene.

Como Park

Polar Bear at Como Zoo

Como Park is a popular residential neighborhood in the northeast of St. Paul and is home to St. Paul's most popular attractions, Como Park and Como Zoo, and the Minnesota State Fair.

Grand Avenue

The Wild Onion Bar on Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue is five miles of independent stores, restaurants, family home and chic apartments.

Merriam Park

Izzy's Ice Cream

Merriam Park is St. Paul's oldest neighborhood and contains much of St. Paul's Victorian houses, together with independent businesses.

Summit Hill

The Cathedral of St. Paul

Summit Hill has always been one of St. Paul's grandest neighborhoods, and is home to St. Paul's Cathedral.

Suburbs in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Over 3 million people live in diverse cities and communities across the Twin Cities metro area. Here's profiles of selected cities and suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Getting About Town - Driving and Public Transit

A Train on the Hiawatha Light Rail Line

How to ride the buses and trains in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and how to get a Minnesota drivers license, and register a vehicle in Minnesota.

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