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A Walking Tour of St. Paul's Summit Hill Neighborhood


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A Walking Tour of Summit Hill: Where to Start
Old Fashioned Streetlamp in Summit Hill, With

Old Fashioned Streetlamp in Summit Hill, With "Historic Hill" Sign

Clara James

Summit Hill is full of history, with grand mansions, the historic cathedral, and famous residents. It's also one of St. Paul's most fashionable neighborhoods, with many chic salons, interesting stores, and a mini eat-street covering a couple of blocks of Selby Avenue.

This tour starts at the intersection of Selby Avenue and Dale Street in St. Paul. It follows Selby Avenue and Summit Avenue around the historic Summit Hill neighborhood.

The whole tour is approximately two miles long, with plenty of opportunities for a rest and some refreshments. The tour can be completed in half a day, or at a more leisurely pace over a day.

There's plenty of on-street parking on around the intersection of Selby Avenue and Dale Street. For those starting early in the day, the Louisiana Cafe is a popular local spot for breakfast, it's on the northeast corner of the intersection. Don't feel rushed to eat, there are lots more opportunities to grab a bite to eat later.

The Mississippi Market is kitty-corner to the cafe. It's a food co-op selling locally grown, organic produce, and worth a stop in on the way back to pick up some fresh seasonal fruits or vegetables.

To start the tour, face east, and start walking along Selby Avenue towards the cathedral. St. Paul's cathedral is visible in front of you all along Selby Avenue.

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