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Nightlife in Minneapolis and St. Paul


Nightlife in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the hip, happening sister of the Twin Cities. Minneapolis has the big clubs, the most fashionable bars, more pubs and more music venues than St. Paul.

Uptown is where much of the after-dark action happens. A couple of nightclubs and many, many bars are on Hennepin Avenue, Lagoon Street and Lake street. Popular clubs like Bar-Fly and Drink are in this neighborhood, the beautiful people go to Chino Latino, and the latest place to be is Lyn-Lake, where new bars and restaurants are opening at the intersection of Lyndale Avenue and Lake Street.

The Warehouse district is also home to several clubs and venues. This neighborhood is next to downtown and near to the University of Minnesota, and has many large disused warehouses perfect for converting into a club. Aqua and The Lounge are large nightclubs in the Warehouse district. The Target Center is a large corporate venue and First Avenue is Minneapolis' most well known venue for indie, rock, and hip-hop acts.

Northeast has many bars, often of the dive bar type, the gritty neighborhood joints, cool indie kids and arty types hang out and drink cheap beer in Northeast. Many of the Twin Cities hottest musicians play shows at the 331 Club and Stasiu's. Pub crawls are very popular here, the spontaneous, some organized.

Nightlife in St. Paul

St. Paul usually goes to bed earlier than Minneapolis. It's more about the bars than the clubs. Actually, it's only about the bars, anyone who wants to go clubbing has to cross the river to Minneapolis. The bars are mostly the neighborhood type, the sports bar type, or the bar-and-restaurant type.

However, there are a few fun places for drinking and dancing, like the Wild Onion bar on Grand Avenue, and the Liffey Pub on West Seventh, in downtown St. Paul.

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