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Minneapolis FM Radio Stations - St. Paul FM Radio Stations

A list of FM Radio Stations in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities


A list of FM radio stations broadcasting in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities metro area.

KBEM - Jazz 88
Frequency: 88.5 FM
Genre: Jazz. Run by Minneapolis Public Schools

Frequency: 89.9 FM
Genre: Urban community radio, music and entertainment

Frequency: 90.3 FM in Minneapolis, 106.7 FM in St. Paul
Genre: Community volunteer non-commercial radio station

KNOW - Minnesota Public Radio News
Frequency: 91.1 FM
Genre: News

WMCN - Macalester College Radio
Frequency: 91.7 FM
Genre: College radio station

Frequency: 92.5 FM
Genre: Classic rock

KXXR - 93X Rocks
Frequency: 93.7 FM
Genre: Rock

Frequency: 94.5 FM
Genre: Top 40 music

KNOF - Praise FM
Frequency: 95.3 FM
Genre: Christian worship and gospel music

WLKX - Spirit FM
Frequency: 95.9 FM
Genre: Christian

KTCZ - Cities97
Frequency: 97.1 FM
Genre: Light alternative music

KCMP - The Current
Frequency: 89.3
Genre: Alternative music

KTIS - 98.5 KTIS
Frequency: 98.5 FM
Genre: Northwestern College radio. Christian Contemporary music

KSJN - Classic Minnesota Public Radio
Genre: 99.5 FM
Genre: Classical music

KUOM - Radio K
Frequency: 100.7 FM in Minneapolis, 104.5 FM in the Metro area, 106.5 FM in Minneapolis, outside school hours.
Genre: University of Minnesota radio - alternative music

Frequency: 100.3 FM
Genre: Conservative talk and news

KDWB - KDWB 101.3
Frequency: 101.3 FM
Genre: Top 40 music

KEEY - K102
Frequency: 102.1 FM
Genre: Country music

Frequency: 102.9 FM
Genre: Adult contemporary music

WGVX - Love 105 FM
Frequency: 105.1 FM and 105.7 FM
Genre: Adult contemporary/oldies music

Frequency: 106.5 FM
Genre: Saint Louis Park High School station. Broadcasts during school hours. Radio K uses the same frequency outside of school hours.

WFMP - myTalk 107.1
Frequency: 107.1 FM
Genre: Talk radio

KQQL - Kool 108
Frequency: 107.9 FM
Genre: Oldies music

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